Saturday, May 31, 2008

One Day of water fun before the cold again and Father/Son date

We took the children to this great water park at Hawk Island Park on Memorial Day. It was kind of warm enough and we all wanted so badly to have a water day. We were there and the wind picked up and it became very chilly, the kids would go in and out depending on the wind. I am so use to Memorial Day being HOT, it was not at all what I am use to. We had dinner with our friends, the Carlsons, at our home and it was very fun. I promised the kids that when it was actually hot and pool weather we would take them back to the water park where they would enjoy it much more. Is it to much to ask for some summer weather! I BEG FOR IT! PLEASE GIVE ME WARM WEATHER! I never thought I would be saying that. We are ready for a different season!! I feel like we will not have much of a summer before the cold is back and I do not know if I can take that. It is already JUNE tomorrow and there are days where it feels like the beginnings of FALL. AHHHHH! Anyhow, I try to look at the positives such as the fact that it is extremely beautiful here. There is something about being in the middle of nature, like your in a forest constantly. It can be so serene and peaceful AT TIMES. Of course with kids those times are limited. The kids are well and Jeremy is working hard trying to succeed. In my eyes he has already. He knows what matters and he is grounded in his efforts to balance his life. We can't wait for the arrival of my parents! They are visiting in 2 weeks, whoooo!!! We are counting down the days, literally. It means so much to Jeremy and I AND the children that they visit. We need it and it helps us get through the years. We know it is expensive and not easy but we appreciate it so much! We know if the rest of our family could they would. We miss them all! It was Father and Sons yesterday for our ward but Jeremy was not able to take the kids so instead he took them out to a movie and for ice cream, which is what they asked for. I put a picture of it up above. The kids were sad they missed it but after explaining it they ended up being ok. I am hanging in there and if it were not for good friends I am not sure how sane I would be. :) I miss my family terribly and think of them often. Lately I miss my sister in law alot! We use to take our kids to the water park around 2 times a week last summer and did alot together. I miss her company and just talking to her about life. It is not the same without her around. Of course I know it is temporary but still it hurts alot, ya know. Oh well, it is what it is. All in all we are all well. I guess I had alot to say today. See ya later

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Trip to the Detroit Zoo

We took the kids to the Detroit Zoo while Jeremy was out of school for a couple of weeks and they loved it. It is so beautiful there, I can't even describe it. Spring here is gorgious and so colorful. It rained the whole time we were there and the kids did not care. We used the umbrellas for about 30 minutes and then we all just got wet after that, it was actually fun. I was going to post alot of animal pics but figured everyone has been to a zoo and seen it themselves so I just put the kiddos. We had alot of fun and I hope we can go back, we only got through 1/2 the zoo, it is huge!

Cutie Patootie Shoes

How cute are these shoes!? They look like they came from a boutique store or something. I saw them and could not resist. They were too adorable!! Mailee loves them! I told her we had to take pictures of her shoes to show how cute they are and she started posing. LOVE IT! Anyhow, I just had to share because I thought they were so cute and tiny. :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!!

Happy Mothers Day to all my wonderful friends and family! I had a great Mothers Day! My husband and children all came through for me and I really appreciated it. We had a great time together as a family today and my children were extra good for me. They sang to me in church and they did awesome! Jeremy made me dinner and the kids helped. They got me some presents but most appreciated they told me why they love me and were so well behaved for me today. I am so blessed to be a mother, I can't fully express what it means to me. I also am so in debted to my own dear mother, whom without I would not be what I am today. She paved the way for me and showed me what a good mother was. She never took her calling as a mother lightly and she always showed me (and my bros) that we came first in her life, no matter what! I thank her for that and I have tried to do the same. I always pray for patience with others because I take motherhood so seriously and sometimes cannot understand why others don't think like I do. I am not a perfect mother by all means but I try hard. So, I have had to learn not to judge others because I do not see all but it is just that from the time I was young my mom always made sure to teach me the importance of motherhood and so it in ingrained in me. So, Thank you MOM! I love my family and I can proudly say........I AM A MOTHER! :)