Sunday, March 30, 2008

St. Patricks and Easter Fun!

Sorry it has taken me so long to update our blog, things have been crazy around here. We had some fun times with our holidays this year. For St. Patricks day the kids got to find some treasure that the Leprechauns left for them and for Easter they of course received baskets from the Easter bunny. The day before Easter we had an Easter egg hunt and colored eggs, the children also were very excited to get a package in the mail from their Nana and Tata in Arizona. They enjoyed opening it up and playing with the toys and eating some treats. They also colored some pictures of Jesus and had stickers to add to them. Thank you to my parents who are so loving and always making sure that my children know they have not been forgotten. Another treat we had was that the week before Easter my father in law sent money so that my daughters and I could get ourselves Easter dresses!! We were excited and it was so thoughtful of him! We love you Grandpa! I have attached pictures of Sunday morning and of the kids with their treats. We had Easter dinner with our very close friends, the Carlson's, and their family. It was very fun and so nice of them to invite us. Later Isabella was asking why Victoria's Grandma was here and hers was not. I did my best to explain and she ended up having fun with her friends grandparents and cousins, aunts and uncles. They missed their own but it was nice they had a family to be around. I was very grateful Easter Sunday for all our blessings in this life. I looked at my children and was overwhelmed with love and gratitude for them. They are the love of my life and I am so lucky to have them. Jeremy and I are doing well, he is getting ready to take finals in 2 weeks and then we are moving into our new home. By B-Day falls on the last weekend before his finals and I figured we would not be doing anything this year but lucky for me my friend is having a b-day gathering with my close friends and their husbands, he can't be missing! We will have dinner and dessert, it should be fun and then Jeremy can go home and hit the books. Thank you to those who have been in contact with us. We love to hear from you! Talk to you all soon.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Bag Lady

I have a friend here in Michigan who makes the cutest handbags and sling bags. She too has a husband in law school full time and has two children. She is a stay at home mother and this is her way to help out financially. She is very talented and an amazing woman. I wanted to post pictures so that you can see them. If you are interested in purchasing any of them please post a comment or email me and I will get with you. I cannot guarantee that the one you see will be available but these are only a few of them so I am sure to find one just for you.She sells the original bags for 18.00 and the mini handbags for 12.00 and the sling for 46.00. I did not post pictures of the sling bags but I will soon. The sling bags are reversible and very sturdy, they fit around a stroller to make it easy to take around. Her bag business is called The Bag Lady and they are made very well and are adorable! The flowers are removable so you can either leave them on of take them off. The mini ones are great as scripture bags as well and for little girls. The sling bags are great diaper bags and the original are great for everyday use. I love them! Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Birthday Fun!

We celebrated Jeremiah and Isabella's Birthday earlier this week. It was so fun and they had a blast. Tomorrow is Jeremiahs (5 yrs) actual Birthday and Isabella (3 yrs) is the next day. We celebrated at a place called Caesar Land. It is like Peter Piper Pizza but much less expensive. I wish the Little Caesars in Arizona had a Caesar Land, it is great!! The kids had plenty of pizza, coins, and free tickets. I am grateful for our good friends who joined us and made it a special day. My sweet little babies are growing so fast! It is so fun to watch them and see their progression in life. I just wanted to share with you some pictures from the kid's special day. Happy Birthday Jeremiah and Isabella!!! We love you!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Pictures of Michigan Friends and fun!

I wanted to post some wonderful pictures of wonderful friends and fun times. We are in a wonderful ward and are being watched over. Thank Heavens for good friends who are there for you when your family cant be. They are such a blessing in our lives and we could not get along without them. The picture with Mailee and me with Rebecca is from a baby shower we did for Luisa. Rebecca is the one I go to yoga with on Tuesday nights. Jeremy is with Jared and Isabella is with her best friends Victoria. Isabella is also with Laura (the adult) who is Victoria's aunt but Bella LOVES her and has made her like her own. She misses her own Aunts. I wish I could put every single name in here of our wonderful friends but it would take too long. Just wanted to share some and their are many others who we need to get pictures with. Love you all!

Date with Jeremy

I was so excited! Jeremy and I got our tax return, FINALLY, so we called our babysitter and went out on a date. This is very rare for Jeremy and I because he is in law school with no time or money. :) We had a great time!!! So fun! I miss spending time with him, I forgot how funny he can be. Now, we have to save the rest to live BUT we figured we would take a night and enjoy. I believe we deserved it. His last day of class (last final) is April 18th. I can't wait! Then we are moving into our new townhome. YEH! I will post pictures soon of the kids visiting the Easter Bunny at the mall. It was so funny! REMEMBER AZ LOVED ONES.........Starting tomorrow, March 9th 2008, we will be 3 hours ahead of you. Try not to call after 7pm your time because it will be 10pm our time. I will return.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

My children

I have not figured out how to post pictures throughout the blog. I was only able to do the one of me and Luisa so I wanted to post some of the kids. Jonah insisted on doing his own hair and the other ones were playing dress up. I will try and figure out this picture thing so I can get better at it. bye

Sunday Sickness

Well, today was not one of our favorite Sundays. I have a severe sinus infection and Jonah HAD pink eye, it looks to be letting up. Jeremiah, and Isabella are coughing like crazy and Mailee is believed to have an ear infection. I will take them all to the doctor tomorrow just in case. We stayed home from church today so we can get as much rest as we can. I hope my kids get healthy for Easter. This year we are having Easter with my friend Luisa Maria Carlson. She and her family are in our Ward. They are dear friends who have invited us to join them and their extended family for Easter. Jeremy and I felt a little awkward at first but then realized that it would be lots of fun for us and the children to have a family to be with. I will let you know how it goes. Today was warm and it felt great! We went for a family drive to get us out in the sunshine and it was 42 degrees. I can't wait for spring!! This weekend we will be celebrating Jeremiah and Isabella's Birthdays. A couple of their best friends are going out of town so we decided to celebrate a week early. I will make sure to post pictures from it afterwards.
Jonah misses Arizona more than anyone else (besides his mom) and Jeremiah is excited to move into our new town home in April. Yeh!! Isabella is SASSY!! and in timeout a lot but she is such a beautiful sight to see. She is growing up so fast. Mailee is ADORABLE! She is talking so well and loves to sing. Her favorite song is "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam" She is ready to be potty trained but IM NOT! What a pain. She keeps taking off her diaper and brings me a new one. Yo would think I would like it but when she has done number 2 it is not that great. Jeremy is enjoying law school, as hard as it is, he works sooo hard and I am so proud of him! Well, I better go. Jeremy said he would make dinner tonight since I was not feeling good but it is 5:24pm and I have yet to see him in the kitchen. A woman has to do what only a woman can do. :) I will return. BYE