Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pioneer Day

We had such a fun pioneer day! Between Monday and today the kids and I have done several things to remind us of Pioneer Day. I have tried to teach my children why we celebrate July 24th and what it means to us, why it is important. We had a Pioneer Treasure Hunt where the treasure was some sugar cane sticks, and we sang songs. Today we had a Pioneer Dinner, beef stew with Johnny Cake and Honey Butter. We made Whirlagigs (a toy the children use to play with) and had so much fun! You would think with all this I would have captured some great pictures but I was so caught up in the moment that the day was done and they are now in bed. I will try and get a picture of them playing with the whirlagig soon. I try and make it a day to celebrate and remember no matter where I live. I look forward to Saturday when I can see the Pioneer Day broadcast via satellite. I am so grateful for the pioneers that did what they did and endured all that they came across so we could practice our religion freely. I hope someday to thank them. :) Happy Pioneer Day!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary!!!

Jeremy and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary on July 18th. We split the children up between a couple of my friends and went out together. We had lunch and then ran some errands. Romantic hu? Well thats what happens when you celebrate your anniversary while in law school. Oh well, it was not what I had imagined but none the less it was great to have time to be together without the kids. We had a good time and just knowing we had made 10 years was celebration enough. I look forward to another 10 and many more. I love you Jer!

P.S. I will add a picture when we get our kodak up and running. Had a problem and got if fixed now I need to add all our pictures back on. GRRR!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Two Down

Jonah lost his second tooth today. He sat there just working it until it came out. He is so excited to have the tooth fairy visit him for the second time in two days. Fun times! Now we will see what happens, as of right now there are no more teeth loose. Wait to go Jonah!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Jonah lost his 1st Tooth!!

Tonight Jonah lost his first tooth! I came home from visiting with a friend and he was waiting up for me. He smiled and I wanted to cry. How silly am I? All I saw in head was him as a baby and then 2 and then 4 and so on. I see him growing up so fast and I can't believe it. He will turn 7 in a month and a half and I wish I could just stop time for a little bit. He was soooo excited to loose his first tooth. He smiled so big he looks so funny. He has one more that is loose, should come out soon. He has it under his pillow and can't wait for the tooth fairy to come. My other son cried himself to sleep because he is scared for the tooth fairy to come. Even after I talked to him he still worried. He will be o.k. I did not think Jonah loosing a tooth would affect me but it did. My sweet Jonah, he is so precious. Congratulations Jonah!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July FUN!!

We had a great day! We started out our day with a festive 4th of July Breakfast and then the kids decorated their bikes and we went to the neighborhood parade. I was so lucky to have a friend whose neighborhood did this. My kids were in Heaven. After the parade we went home and had lunch with watermelon of course and did smores and then had quiet time. I did a little sewing with a friend and then we just hung out as a family. It was great to have Jeremy home! At dinner time we met another one of my friends at this wonderful park and Bar-B-qued. We had a yummy dinner and let the kids play together. Then we finally went to the Meridian Mall Central Park 4th Party. They had games and rides and it was all free!!! It was awesome! Free things were given out and the kids had so much fun! We then were suppose to go home and get the kids to bed after doing some of our own fireworks but we had a change of plans. My friend talked us into (although I don't know how) staying for the fireworks which did not start until 10:15pm. We decided to do our own fireworks while waiting for the BIG fireworks to start. We snacked and just sat around watching all the personal fireworks going on, it was really fun. Then FINALLY the fireworks started and as fast as it started it ended. I will say they were beautiful! We were so close to where they were shooting them so it was very loud and every so often the younger ones were scared but most of the time they were giggling and ooooing and aaaaahing. We then found a quick way out thanks to our friends and we were able to make it home in 15 minutes. That has to be record for getting out of the parking for these events. I looked back before we were home and every single one of my kids were, as my dad would say, out like a light. I got them out of their seats one by one and handed them to Jeremy who then took them all up to bed. I cleaned up a bit from the day and went to bed. It was a fun day and we were happy the kids enjoyed their first 4th of July away from all the family. We missed all of you! We are thankful for the reason we celebrate the 4th of July and enjoy the freedoms we have. Happy 4th to all of you!
P.S. I was too lazy to put the photos in the order they happened so they are out of order but as you can see they had fun and then slept well. :)