Saturday, March 21, 2009

McCormick Ranch

Jeremiah and Sariah


Isabella waiting to get on the carousel

Sariah on her "horsey"

Abram sitting in the train


Hannah and Jonah on top of the playground

Mailee and Victoria

The train as it is moving

The Engine of the train

Jonah, Mailee, Tori, Sariah, Hannah, Isabella, Jeremiah, Abram

I took the kids to McCormick Ranch on Wed with my sister in law and her kids, it was really fun! I had never been there. They have a little train the kids can ride and a carousel, for a really cheap price. There are 2 parks there and food and drinks (again fairly reasonable prices). We did not eat there this time but now I know for future outings. It was a perfect day for this trip and the kids had a blast! We took Tori along and she was a huge help with the kids!! I hope everyone enjoyed their spring break as much as I did. We tried to take the kids to the water park on Friday BUT it was closed until April. I thought being in Arizona it would have opened Spring break but it did not. They played out in the sprinklers instead. It was fun having the kids home all day but it reminded me of how much harder my days were before I had Jonah in school and all 4 kids were home. I love to spend time with them but it will also be nice to have them go back to school so I can have somewhat of a break. I use that term lightly because Isabella can be the equivalent of 2 kids. :) Anyhow, enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Montezuma Castle

Isabella not obeying! :)
Poor baby, no climbing no fun.

A beautiful day!

Oh well, I tried.

Mailee and daddy



Impressive!!! I think it is anyways.

The cousins :)

The kids have spring break this week so we have had nothing but time and it has been great! My sister in law had great ideas of what to do with the kids and she planned it, I just went and enjoyed :) We took the kids a couple of hours north to visit the Montezuma castle and we had a lot of fun. Jeremy was able to come since he was off that day. We had a picnic and hiked a little to see the Montezuma well also. The cousins had so much fun together, I love to watch them interact with each other. The next day we took them to McCormick Ranch BUT that is a separate post that I will do soon. :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeremiah and Isabella!!

Kristi, Mom. Nana Emily and Isabella

Sariah and Jeremiah

Sariah, Jeremiah, Hannah, Jonah. Mailee, Isabella, and Abram



Jonah and Hannah

Tori and Mailee

Kael (Jeremiah's friend) and Isabella

Make a wish!! (look at Abram in the upper left hand corner....HA!

Hannah :)

Jonah and Sariah

Luis and Dad

Mailee and Regina

Isabella's cake

Jeremiah's cake

We celebrated Jeremiah and Isabella's Birthdays on Saturday. Jeremiah's is on the 13th and Isabellas's is on the 14th, so we combined the party. It was so much fun to have all the family together! They missed their friends and family in Michigan and asked when they are coming to visit. :) We celebrated at my moms home so their was more room and they were spoiled! I have some great pictures of my kids playing with my older brothers kids (Michael) but they are on my mom's camera, as soon as I get them I will add them. My sister in law (Kristi) did the cakes, aren't they so cute!! Jeremiah's theme was basketball and Isabella's was Cinderella. They recieved cards and phone calls from Michigan and Utah, they loved it!! I also posted some pictures from when we first got here so you could see everyone! Four down and one to go for March Birthdays. Next month is crazy as well :)