Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ward Halloween Party

Isabella, Jonah, Jeremiah, Mailee (the boys are Indiana Jones)
Isabella (Tinkerbell) SO pretty :)

Jonah eating a hot dog

Mailee with her pumpkin she made (with help from Aunt Carrie)

Jeremiah and his pumpkin

Anesah and Isabella dancing (her legs look so funny)

Mailee, Anesah, Jonah, Victoria, Isabella, Jeremiah, Grace, and Halie

Anesah, Aunt Carrie, Mailee

Mailee and Anesah (SO cute!)

Victoria and Isabella (ahhhhh)

Mailee (Dorothy and Toto)

We had our ward Halloween Party. The kids were so excited and had a great time! They got all dressed up and were able to play different games and trick or treat. I will say the candy output was a little disappointing this year, the kids complained about it the whole way home. We assured them that on Halloween when they go trick or treating it will make up for it. :) They danced a little and were able to see what all their friends were going to be on Halloween. They looked so cute!! Isabella looked so beautiful and Mailee was too cute. Jonah and Jeremiah were so cute with their whips and hats. Jonah had some stubble on his face but decided to take it off for fear that someone would laugh at him. I tried to get him not to care what others thought and that Indy has scruff on his face BUT he said he would rather not. You know that age, they want to be cool. :) I fear it will only get worse. Anyhow, he still looked great! They all enjoyed wearing their costumes more than anything. In our house it is a rule that you cannot play in your costume until after Halloween because (from experience) if that is allowed then it's 98% positive that something will happen to it before they even use it. Now they are all hanging up waiting for THE DAY. They have a Halloween Parade and Party at school where they can wear it again and then that night will be HALLOWEEN. After all is said and done they use them to play dress up, so it's all good. Have a Happy Halloween!!!!
I have no idea why it is leaving so much space on the bottom. sorry....

Jeremiah"s Super Pumpkin

Jeremiah's class decorated the pumpkins they had picked form the patch yesterday. The parents were invited to school to help and to hear the story they had made up about their pumpkin. Here is Jeremiahs story.....
This is Mr. Jack O' Lantern, AKA: SUPER "O"! (He has the whole Clark Kent - Superman thing going on) He is a spy superhero and is on a top secret mission to find the biggest pumpkin in the pumpkin patch and save him from becoming Pumpkin Pie!!
That was the story he told, how cute is that? I love the imagination of a 5 year old! He had so much fun and loved having mom and dad come to school to support him. He is very proud of his "work".

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dairy Farm/Zoo/Pumpkin Patch

Jaedyn, Jeremiah, Christopher, Joe after picking their pumpkin
Jeremiah having a snack in the tree farm dining area

The class riding in the wagon (hayride) to the pumpkins

Jeremiah with his teacher Mrs. Erickson

Jeremiah and Mom :) BRRR!

Matthew, Joe, Jeremiah, Jaedyn

Milk Snake(not poisonous) often mistaken for a coral snake(poisonous)

Jonah and class with tour guide

Jonah petting a cow with Miss. Steibel

Jonah and class at Farm

Jonah with his teacher Mrs. Petersburg we have had three field trips in the last couple of weeks between the two of my boys. Instead of doing 3 posts I am just combining them. Jonahs class went to see the cows, then they all spent a day at the zoo. Jeremiahs class went to the pumpkin patch. I was a chaperon on all of these trips and it was so much fun!! Thanks to all my friends who made it possible for me to go by watching my girls. :) By the way, I'M FREEZING OVER HERE!!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Homecoming Parade

Jeremiah, Jerry, Tate, Jonah,
Anesah, Mailee, Isabella
Darnel, all out of candy?

Haley, Anesah, Mailee
Isabella, Haley, Anesah, and Mailee

Isabella, Jeremiah, Anesah, Mailee (Jonah in the back)
Abraham, Jonah, Jeremiah

Abraham, Jonah, Jeremiah
Abraham, Jonah, Jeremiah

Brady, Jeremiah (ahh! sun)
The Three Musketeers

Isabella. Anesah, Mailee

My nephew was in the homecoming parade for his school today and so I decided to take my kids to go watch it. My friend Jessica was taking her son, Tate, and talked me into going.It was a little cold BUT so fun! We ended up going with another one of my friends as well, Shanna, and we saw so many other friends there that we did not expect to see there. It was so fun! The kids got lots of candy and was able to release lots of energy! We saw Darnel and a few other kids we knew in the parade. The kids loved the parade and the animals and floats. I tell you... the people here in Michigan are very crazy about their sports!! I have never come across people so into their school sports. My sister in law and her husband made it just in time to see Darnel, it was a great surprise! I did not think she would be able to make it since she was studying for her midterms BUT I was glad she did and I know it meant a lot to Darnel. This law school thing is not easy but I have seen many blessings that have come through it and I am grateful for this experience. Anyhow, we had a great time. :) How great is it to have good friends and family!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sassy Sisters

Isabella and Mailee before Church
Isabella "posing" as Mailee tries to copy her. Cute hu?

Isabella "posing" again. Scary! She didn't learn it from me :)

Mommy and Mailee - Does she look like me or Daddy?

Isabellas church shoes!! How cute are they?! She loves them!

Mailee and Isabella

Isabella's final pose with her sister, she cracks me up!
I was taking pictures of the girls on Sunday and Isabella was hysterical! She kept posing like she was in a professional photo shoot. Mailee was so cute and kept trying to copy her. They are so cute! I love girls even if they are too dramatic and drive me crazy! These two are the best of friends! They are so fun. :)