Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A little bit of everything!

What would I do without my children? Have a boring life! :)

The kids were goofing around and Isabella made us laugh so much!

This was taken before our "girl's night out", it was so fun!

This is so cool!! At the visitors center they have a new exhibit
and you can lead the tabernacle choir. The kids loved it! Jeremy said
it was like a Mormon wii game :)

I love the candid shots I catch periodically, so sweet.

The kids got Jeremy a hat and shirt for Fathers Day
he is sportin' it here. I made him laugh to get a natural smile. :)

Jeremy's FAVORITE meal, it is yummy if I do say so myself. :)
It was his fathers day dinner. Stuffed chicken breast, cavatappi, and balsamic asparagus
with a salad and rolls. YUM!

The kids giving Jeremy his gift, we were getting ready for church and
the girls hair had not been done yet
so don't judge me. :)

This was when my nana had come for dinner, Mailee fell asleep.

Another candid shot, love it!! They were watching a show.

I LOVE this picture!!! We were at swim lessons when I caught
this. Mailee is sitting next to Hannah (her cousin) waiting for
her turn to swim, they are so cute!!
Sometimes when I feel like I have 3 posts and I am too lazy to do them all separately I just combine them, hence my title: A little bit of everything. :) Kudos to you who keep up on your blogging, I am a procrastinator. I will try to be better. :) Happy summer!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Swim Lessons/Jer's B-day/Summer fun! :)

Isabella and her new friend Kestyn

Mailee, Isabella, neighbors baby...splashing in the street. :)

Cyd and Jeremiah

Cyd and Isabella

Jeremiah giving 10 after a job well done :)

Go Bella!! GO

Me throwing Mailee to Cyd, Go Mailee!!

Mailee doing so well!!!

Jonah and Cyd before they begin the lesson

Jonah doing his bobs.

OK, this is going to sound weird but my children's faces immersed in the water thrills me!!! I love to see them learning and not being afraid. For the past couple of weeks my kids have had desperately needed swim lessons. It has been so fun but so crazy!!! Jonah is at 9:30 and Jeremiah and Isabella are at 10:00 and Mailee is at 11:00am. We are 15 minutes from the swim teachers house and it takes about 15 minutes to lather them all with sunscreen well before we go. Before that they eat breakfast and gather a change of clothes just in case. We have a prayer before we leave and I am already tired. :) My mom and dad come pick up the grand kids from us (mine and Kate's kids because their cousins are in swim with them. ) so Kate and I can do the mommy/tot class and not have to worry about our other children. After the class we go pick up the kids from my mom and head home for lunch. I have to say that while the kids are at my moms she has planned some water activity for them everyday and Popsicles. She and my dad have been a great help and the kids love it!! They have another couple of weeks because lessons are all month. I get them home and fed, which seems to take forever because they are soooo hungry!!! After they eat lunch we do showers and baths. The last thing we do is preventative ear drops so they do not get swimmers ear. Are you tired after reading that because I AM! It is exhausting BUT well worth it. :) Our morning are pretty booked for June but July should be fun since we can plan things to do in the morning. I like the mornings better than the afternoon for kids playing because it gets so hot unless you do something after dinner. Anyhow, it has been crazy fun and Jeremy also had his birthday!! Isabella has a new friend and it makes me so happy, she has missed her friends from Michigan. Enjoy your summer!!