Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mom, Am I all that or what?

Thank Heavens for little Girls!

Isabella was at the store with me a little ways back and saw this hat. It is from the Hannah Montanas line. She tried it on and was in love! Lucky for me it was 50% off so I went ahead and got it for her. Had it not been on sale I would have left the store with a crying little girl. She was sooo happy! We got home and I never saw her wear it, I was kind of bummed. This morning she came down stairs wearing it and looked so cute! She said to me, "Mom, Do I look good?" "Yes I love it!" I said. She then said, Yeh! Am I all that or what? :) I'm not sure where she heard that phrase but it was pretty funny. I did not get a picture of it so I found this one that I had taken of her right after she got it. I wanted to share the story with you because it was so cute. I love little girls! Even though she is dramatic and full of attitude and sometimes, well lets call it what is is, SNOTTY she is so FUN! She makes me laugh and is getting so big. The other day I watched her thinking to myself how beautiful she has become. You moms will understand. Sometimes it just hits you and you just feel so much love for them. Anyhow, Thank Heaven for little girls.

Monday, August 25, 2008

How could I forget the camera?!

Jeremy and I had our good friends from Utah visit us for a week this last week, we did many fun things and when I wanted my camera most I did not have it! I was so mad at myself!! However my friend has a few from her camera and my sister in law (who joined us at the beach the last day our friends were here) took some. So....I will do a post as soon as Amanda and Carrie get me the pictures they have. We had so much fun and are so grateful for good friends and family. I figured I had better post something or people would start to wonder. Stay tuned :)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Mailee and Anesahs' Birthday Party


Mailee whacking the Pinata
Anesah whacking the pinata
Darnel busting the pinata open

Mailee and Anesah opening thier 1st gift

Mailee and Anesah on the last gift

Mailee and her necklace she made
Aunt Carrie helping Anesah make her necklace
Hallie wearing her necklace
Isabella finishing her neclace with Aunt Carrie
Isabella making her necklace

Jeremy's sister arrived Thursday and today we had the joint Birthday Party for Mailee and Anesah. It was a great success! The girls has so much fun and received some great gifts. Thank you to all my wonderful friends for their generosity to both Mailee and Anesah. All the girls made necklaces, played at the nearby park, blew bubbles, hit a pinata, and of course had presents and Cake with Ice cream. YUM! It was alot of fun and the kids were glad to have some cousins here. I attached pictures of all the fun and wish you all were here with us. :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Smiley Mailee's 2nd Birthday! and Primary Activity Day

Jonah and Jeremiah playing stick pull
Isabella hot in pioneer clothes
Isabella and her friend Brooke
Mailee in a pioneer bonnet
Mailee and her friend Grace
Mailee opening her doll
Mailee and Baby Gia
My Fantastic Four
Singing to Mailee at IHOP
Mailee and Isabella at Walmart

My sweet baby turned 2 today. We had a little family thing but her actual party is next week. We gave her one gift to open and she will open the others at her party. She got a baby doll from her Nana and Tata and she loved it! She took that baby everywhere and named her all by herself, she named her Baby Gia. We also had a Primary Activity tonight and she enjoyed it very much. We took all our kids because we are teachers and needed to be there but they had so much fun. Mailee has grown so much, she talks better than some 5 year olds and has an attitude to fit. She is adorable though and sweet as pie. I love spending time with her, she makes me laugh and adores her siblings. She has a special place in her heart for her daddy and always tells me she loves her daddy. She is a beautiful little girl and we are so glad that 2 years ago she came into our lives. She is just about potty trained and loves to be called a big girl not a baby. Happy Birthday Mailee!!!