Saturday, April 26, 2008

Finally Moved In!

Isabella "posing" :) She thinks she's all that! Cute hu?
Mailee and her cheeser smile :)
Mailee loves Jonah and would be attatched to him all day if he let her. I think it is precious!
We moved into our new townhome and we love it! Thank you to all our friends for dinners brought and help lifting boxes. The kids are enjoying their new found freedom! I am finally feeling at home here, it took a week or so for me to be comfortable here. I always have a hard time moving even when we are moving to a better place because you create memories where you live and it is hard to leave the place behind where those memories were created. Anyhow, Jeremy starts school again in a week, ugh! I have enjoyed having him home this last week and the children have really loved having him around more. We have been able to have many family outings, I have really missed that. I will post pictures of the new place soon, love you all!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


We miss and love you so much! We hope you have a great day! Hang in there and keep smiling. You are loved :) Don't you feel sad for my little Arizona Kids? What a horrible winter! Spring is finally showing up, it was in the 60's today. YIPEE! Happy Birthday Grandma!

Thomas Family

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday My Sweet Nephew


This is one of the cutest little one year olds I have ever seen! I miss him so much! He turns one tomorrow and this is him enjoying his first b-day cake. What a sweet little boy. Time went by too fast and I hope to see him soon. Happy Birthday Little "A" :) We love you!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fun at the circus!!!

We were so lucky! My friend won free tickets to the circus and gave us some so we were able to take our family to the circus Friday night. The kids were in heaven!! We had a great time! I really enjoyed it myself. The kids behaved and enjoyed all the different kinds of animals. We have never been to the circus with our kids before so it was a great thing for us to be able to do it. The kids are perfect ages to have fun with it. Isabella would not go near the clowns, either would Mailee. The friends I have attached a picture of are Bettie and her daughter Jade, thanks to them for a great family outing! Anyhow, pray for me that I can get through this week without loosing it! Jeremy has finals this week and I will never see him. The last three weeks before finals are the hardest BUT the week of finals....well, just shoot me now. :) j/k. I have to have humor about it or I will go insane. Good Night!

Friday, April 4, 2008

This is what happens when you run with your hands in your pockets.

Jeremiah was so cold he was running with his hands in his pockets and tripped right in front of our car. It was so sad, he looked pathetic. One and 1/2 weeks later Isabella was running to the car with her hands in her pocket and, YES! you guessed it, she fell and landed the same way her brother did but hers was worse because it was on concrete and Jeremiahs was on asphalt. Both hard but concrete has no give what so ever. Jeremy thought I was so mean because she is crying hysterically and so hurt and I grab the camera and say "Bella, SMILE!" Jeremy said, "Desiree, what if you were hurt and I grabbed the camera and said "Desiree SMILE!" how would you feel?" I guess I should have waited but I just could not believe that she did the exact same thing Jeremiah did. The pictures of Jeremiah are a couple of days after it happened. The pictures of Bella is about a couple of minutes after it happened, I will have to download it soon. Anyhow, the moral of the story is............................. DO NOT RUN WITH YOUR HANDS IN YOUR POCKETS!! :)