Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In case you want to show your support :)

http://www.giftforgavin.blogspot.com/ Please click on this link to show your support for Bethany and Andre Sprague who recently lost their baby Gavin. They have an online guestbook and whether they know you or not they would love to hear from you. They're story has touched lives all around the world and I have been touched by all the support they have been surrounded by. They are an amazing family and I pray the Lord will sustain and lift them up when they feel too weak to go on. Have a great day.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Trip to the Apple Orchard

Jeremiah's Kindergarten class had a field trip to go to Clearview Apple Orchard today. They invited families to meet them there if they so choose. We decided that would be a fun thing to do with the kids. We took the girls along with my niece Anesah and met them over there. Jonah of course had to stay at school, he was bummed. They had so much fun! They learned all about apple trees and how they come to be, how they have apple blossoms on them and how important bees are to them. They then had the opportunity to pick their own apples and fill their bag. We saw some great looking peaches, pumpkins, and asparagus while we were there. It was a nice little outing and the kids enjoyed it so much!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby Gavin was called Home

Baby Gavin with his family

I wanted to post a few thoughts. Some of you may remember Bethany (Brinton) Sprauge from my neighborhood I grew up in years ago. She has recently been struggling with the health of her baby boy Gavin. He has had a liver disease from the day he was born and just passed away Monday evening. He would have been 1 year old on Oct 6th. He was so cute! As a mother my heart is aching for her and her family. I don't know what it is like to lose a child and I hope and pray that I never will BUT I do know what it is like to lose a brother and the pain is unbearable. She must feel like she is in a nightmare and can't seem to wake up. Her life will forever be changed and somehow she has to go on while the world around her keeps going. I went to her blog last night and mourned with her as I watched video and picture slides of her sweet baby boy and thought to myself how she will treasure those for the rest of her life. When she wakes up in the morning Gavin will not be there to look into her eyes and smile at her. For a mom that is my worst nightmare and what a hole that would put in my heart. Even though we know the plan it sure does not take the pain away and my prayers are with her. My husband told me last night that it sure seems to put life in perspective. Sometimes we think are life is so hard when compared to many it is not. We at least have our family all together and what more really matters? It has affected me so much and I never even met the baby in person. I have been following her story online for quite some time and so I bonded with Gavin just by that. If you would like you can click on the picture of Gift for Gavin on my blog and it will take you to her sight. She has not posted since the night her baby passed so the last thing you will read is her last post just hours before Gavin was called home. I would like to think my David was there. Anyhow, I know you do not know her but as a mother does it matter? All anyone needs to know is that she lost her baby. She needs as many prayers, her and her husband and kids, that she can get. Please pray for her that she can endure through this and have the strength to do the things that are coming for her, the funeral etc, that are so hard to plan and get through. Hug your kids today and tell them you love them. Thank God for every day that you have them and for the privilege it is to be a mother.

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Sweet Baby

So, I love the fall here in Michigan because it is like the winters in Arizona. The official first day of fall is Monday BUT the weather here the last couple of weeks has already been fall weather. I dread the winter seeing as I am already so cold. The one thing I do not look forward to is my children being sick. My kids have something they call "winter asthma". The cold weather is very hard on them especially since moving here. The boys asthma is more year around but my girl's manifests itself more with the cold. Mailee decided to be the first one for this year and so hopefully the treatments will be enough because she does not like the inhaler and of course hates if she has to go get a shot for it. Anyhow, I welcome fall gladly but I pray my kids will have a better winter than the last. Enjoy your fall!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Miss My Family!

GeriAnn, Jason, Dad, Kelly
Jason, Samantha, Michael
I recently received these pictures from my mom that were taken on her cell phone. I love them! I have not seen my brothers and nieces and nephews for soooo long and it was great to see how big they have gotten. Kelly looks so gorgeous! Jason so cute and tall! Samantha is so beautiful and of course my brother and sister in law look great but they definitely have not changed as much as their adorable children. My dad is still the same goofy man as always, gotta love him! Adam and Kate's kids recently sent pics in the mail and I wish I had a scanner so I could show you all. They are so cute! I miss you all and love you! Don't change too much. :)
*ok....I have to add this. Jonah was just looking at this post and said to me, "Mom, there's Tata!" I said, "yes, he is with your cousins and aunt" he said, "he kind of looks like he's on a date with Kelly." I laughed! He is so funny! He said because his arm was around her that they look like their on a date. My niece would probably croak if she heard him. What's more embarrassing for a teenager than being on a "date" with your Tata! We love you Kelly! Remember Jonah is only 7. :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Fly Your Flag in Rememberance of 9-11-01
I remember where I was when I heard of this tragedy. I was in bed with Jonah who was 11 days old at the time. My mother in law had come to stay with us to help me out. She came knocking on our door yelling, "Jeremy come see the T.V. we have been attacked and the world trade center was destroyed by a plane flying right into it!" We were beside ourselves. I will never forget how I felt watching what was happening and staring into the eyes of my first baby, and right then and there the world was changed forever. This will be something our children will read about in history books the way we learned of Kennedy's assassination. We will remember where we were just like our parents remember where they were when the assassination happened. I hope that our children will really understand how blessed they are to live in the USA and always try hard to be patriotic and speak up so they can make a difference. I want my children to realize what happened 7 years ago and why. I hope your flags are flying proudly today and that those who lost their lives are remembered. Their families are in my prayers, as well as those currently fighting, and I hope they know their lost ones did not die for nothing. I am grateful for my freedom and for those who fight for it. I thank them. Enjoy your day and your freedoms. :) God Bless America

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School :)

Jonah found his seat in his classroom :)

Jonah before we left for school

Jonah and Jeremiah before school

Jeremiah before school
Jonah and Jeremiah had their first day of school yesterday. They were so excited!! I think I had a harder time than they did. :) Anyhow, Jonah got to celebrate his birthday at school and loved it. He LOVES all the focus on him! It's funny because I was the same way when I was young and now I hate the focus on me. weird hu? Oh well, I am enjoying time with just my girls. I have never had time with just my girls and it is great! I love the break but at the same time I love when they come home too. :)

Happy 7th Birthday Jonah!

Happy Birthday Jonah

Jonah the morning of his Birthday 9-01-01

Opening one of his gifts

So excited! He loved it Mom! THX

Jonah blowing out his candles :)

We celebrated Jonahs Birthday yesterday. He turned 7 years old and I still can't believe it. He is not having his party until friday with his friends but I wanted his actual day to be special so, we started with breakfast. He wanted Mickey Mouse pancakes. He opened up a gift from his Nana in AZ and one from Jeremy and I, we figured we would let his do the rest at his party. He had grilled cheese for Lunch per his request and dinner was cheeseburgers. We took him to Toys R US where he recieved his free b-day balloon and gift along with using his b-day coupon to get a small toy. He was in Heaven! I will post pics of his party after this Friday. We love Jonah and he is such a special child! Love you buddy!and Happy Birthday.

*Just a small sidenote, my dear brother David's Birthday would have been the day before Jonahs on Aug 31st. I believe he would have turned 22. I miss him so much. I just wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday anyways and let him know how much I love him. I will love you forever David. *